4. Examples

Examples are provided to demonstrate the Node.js DCPS features.

The examples can be found in the following directory:




OSPL_HOME = INSTALLDIR/ADLINK/Vortex_v2/Device/VortexOpenSplice/6.9.x/HDE/x86_64.linux


OSPL_HOME = INSTALLDIR\ADLINK\Vortex_v2\Device\VortexOpenSplice\6.9.x\HDE\x86_64.win64

4.1. Example Files

Each subfolder consists of a Node.js example project.

4.1.1. Examples

Example Description
HelloWorld Demonstrates how to read and write a simple topic in DDS
jsshapes Demonstrates how to read and write to a DDS application
IoTData Demonstrates reading and writing an IoTData topic
PingPong Demonstrates reading, writing, and waitsets
GetSetQoSExample Demonstrates getting and setting QoS using QoS Provider and DCPS api
ListenerExample Demonstrates how to attach listener to a DDS entity

4.1.2. File Types

The examples directory contains files of different types.

File Type Description
js A program file or script written in JavaScript
package.json Lists the packages that a project depends on
xml An XML file that contains one or more Quality of Service (QoS) profiles for DDS entities
idl An interface description language file used to define topic(s)

4.2. Running Examples

To run a Node.js example:

  1. Setup OSPL environment variables


    • For each example javascript file to be run, open a Linux terminal

    • Navigate to directory containing release.com file (OSPL_HOME)


    • Run release.com (“. release.com”)


    • For each example javascript file to be run, open a command prompt

    • Navigate to directory containing release.bat file (OSPL_HOME)


    • Run release.bat (“release.bat”), if OSPL environment variables are not set system wide

  2. Change directory to the example folder



  3. Run npm install to install the Node.js DCPS API (vortexdds-x.y.z.tgz) and all other dependencies

    npm install


If you are running the examples from another directory outside the OSPL install, then you will need to manually install the Node.js DCPS API first and then run npm install for the example dependencies as follows:

npm install $OSPL_HOME/tools/nodejs/vortexdds-x.y.z.tgz

npm install

  1. Run .js file(s) in a terminal/command shell


    node HelloWorldSubscriber.js

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