1. Preface

1.1. About the Node.js DCPS API Guide

The Node.js DCPS API Guide is a starting point for anyone using, developing or running Node.js applications with Vortex OpenSplice.

This guide contains:

  • Node.js DCSP API setup instructions
  • location of Node.js DCPS API dds module documentation
  • overview of general DDS concepts and Node.js API for Vortex DDS
  • a listing of examples, and how to run them
  • detailed information on how to specify DDS entity Quality of Service (QoS)
  • how to register DDS topics

This reference guide is based on the OMG’s Data Distribution Service Specification.

Please note that this guide is not intended to provide a detailed explanation of the aforementioned OMG specifications or the Vortex OpenSplice product. It provides an introduction to the essential concepts and enables users to begin using the Node.js DCPS API as quickly as possible.

1.2. Intended Audience

The Node.js Reference Guide is intended to be used by JavaScript programmers who are using Vortex OpenSplice to develop Node.js applications.

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2. Introduction

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